Custom Pins: Accessory for All Occasion

imagesLapel pins are among the most popular accessories widely used as ornament and as recognition for an affiliation.  They are custom-made, and have been used way back (decades ago) as a political symbol and for other cultural purposes.

Since custom lapel pins are handmade for every specific design, the creation process is a tedious procedure. First, a machine is used to do the molding of the stamp. It forms the design on a metal surface. Next, the outline is done by cutting the edges of the pin. It usually depends upon the intricacy of the design, like a center hole or irregularly shaped edges. After some initial finishes on the metal plate, a solder is attached at the back of the piece. Once it’s done, the plating process is done by soaking the material in plating liquid. This is immediately followed by the polishing and coloring. In some cases, the pin is coated with epoxy liquid as final touch.

Custom lapel pins also come in different types. For instance, the pin-on-pin type provides a 3-D look with a pin immersed on top of another. A bobble pin uses a spring and is upturned. There are even pins that can turn a full 360, called spinner pins.

Apart from being ornaments and substitutes for brooches, custom pins can serve a lot of other purposes. Since they are cheap t,.o produce in bulk and are very durable, many choose these pins.

  • Custom pins are best used as promotional items, depicting the company logo or name. They’re an excellent giveaways for publicity and advertising purposes, and even brand recognition.
  • Custom pins are also widely used as icons of achievement. For instance, pins are used in batch graduations. They usually depict the year of graduation and name of school, for easier recognition and to serve as an emblem for the batch. Apart from rings and other jewelry, pins are easier to use and can be given to all, regardless of gender.
  • Lapel pins are also the best keepsakes when it comes to big events. They are more durable and last longer than other alternatives.
  • Most custom pins are used to show support on a league or sports team. Many manufacturers sell a lot to fans and supporters during game seasons.
  • For inaugurations and induction of new members, lapel pins are staple accessories. It is usually given to new members of an organization which gives a sort of status symbol for the new recruit.
  • For identification purposes, pins are also used in team building and other group activities. They can also be used for conventions and other occasions that require identification of attendees.
  • Lapel pins are also used as souvenirs during birthdays, anniversaries, baptismal or even weddings.
  • Pins can also be used as an alternative to the traditional IDs at work. An example would be in the case of nurses, whose names, position and department are usually written on a lapel pin for easier identification.

Whether you’re planning to use them as a giveaway or souvenir in your next big event, lapel pins are surely the best keepsake for every occasion. High quality lapel pins can be custom-made and ordered online. You can search for lapel pin stores that have been providing quality output, with fully-equipped tools and a great team of trained professional artists. These businesses can be readily reached through e-mail or phone. Just don’t forget to compare prices and packages. Sometimes, you can get huge discounts depending on the scale of orders. The more items to be created, the less marginal cost it would incur.